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    Welcome To FancoR-Jai Rubber Industries

    We are the trusted name in manufacturing and supplying seals and rubber parts for various industrial and agricultural fields.

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    FancoR - Jai Rubber Industries

    40 Years of Global Innovation and Trust

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    FancoR Products

    O-Rings, Oil Seals, Tractor & Rotavator Parts, Harvester Combine Parts, Hydraulic & pneumatic seals.

Fanco - Jai Rubber Industries


the leading product manufacturers in the country.

We are the trusted name in manufacturing and supplying seals and rubber parts for various industrial and agricultural fields. Our journey as a mechanical product manufacturing brand started decades back. Acquiring years-old experience, we became an esteemed brand that offers technical solutions for tiny parts of large-sized machines. The application of innovative ideas and advanced technology brings top-quality oil seals and rubber parts.

Coming so far, we believe genuine service brings ultimate success. So, our focus is on quality, accurate quantity, on-time delivery for each order.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Our Products

  • O-Rings
  • Oil Seals and Rubber Parts of Rotavators
  • Oil Seals
  • Incorporate Harvester Products for Agriculture
O-Ring Industrial Parts

O-rings requirement is extreme for sealing purposes of two different components of machines. The functionality will decrease the equipment or gadget if the O-ring replacement is not done in an appropriate process.

Fanco Rubber Parts of Rotavators
Oil Seals and Rubber Parts of Rotavators

Advanced technology adapted oil seals will never let leaking oil from rotavators. We manufacture long-lasting rubber parts and oil seals, prioritizing world-class parameters of products. Our prime focus is to provide high-end items to customers. Thus authentic raw materials are our only preference.

Fanco Oil Seals
Oil Seal Agricultural Parts

We are the recommended company for purchasing liquid sealing parts. Powered by hi-tech automation, all the spares and fluid sealing items make wide-ranged clients happy and satisfied. We intend to provide global standard machines parts, and so Silicone, Nitrile (NBR), Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Viton (FKM) like raw materials get absolute priority.

Fanco Combine harvester
Incorporate Harvester Products for Agriculture

Combine harvesting requires various types of spares, and we are one of the trustworthy names that fulfill all requirements for agricultural fields. People consider us as the prominent one-stop online shop, checking out the numbers of our collections of harvesting integrate parts. O-Rings, Air Cleansing Rings, Variety of Rubber Bushes, Oil Seals, Wheel Cylinder Kits, Master Cylinder Kits, and many other products of our company dominate countrywide markets.

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Fanco O-Ring3
Fanco O-Ring4
Fanco O-Ring5

Our Products Implementation Details

OEMs & Replacement-that is what our machine parts require. The country's big brands, large industries, commercial enterprises, and agricultural fields are on the lists that need our products. Besides, our goods requirement is extreme for various engineering sectors like mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and much more. The fields that need oil seals and rubber parts are the Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinder production industry, Paper Mills, Steel Plants. Also cultivating industry, Rotavators, tractors & harvesting combine machinery, water pumping system, NTPC, cement plants, medicinal industries, defence organizations, textile industries, railways, and much more are in the list.


Genuine products are a core strength. It is increasing our popularity all over the country and overseas. Undamaged, underperforming, and easy-breakable products are not our identity. Long-listed clients of us know that we value meeting the expectation of each buyer. Trustworthiness brings us here today. And our goal is to get more satisfying customers inside, as well outside the country.

Fanco Quality Test
Fanco Infrastructure


We maintain a world-class system for production, packaging, product shifting, storage, and delivery. That is why our clients never receive broken, damaged, or unfinished items from our end. Advanced hydraulic moulding machine, hi-tech equipment, and product testing modern instruments create each item well-finished. We also look after hassle-free shipping without making inconvenience for the buyers. Our extended seals and rubber parts inventory delivery to ex-stock helps during emergency requirements of clients.

Reasons to Choose Us

Why does an industrial establishment prioritize us? Well, the reasons are many, and some are listed here in brief:

  • We deliver authentic quality materials with global standards around the world.
  • Our products are long-lasting, reliable, flawless functionality adapted.
  • A company can purchase goods from us at a reasonable price.
  • On-time delivery with complete care of products makes us well-famed internationally also.
  • Our transparent business process and product purchasing deals are the reason behind the global market's success.
  • We always stay focus on reaching more customers around the world.
  • Our company provides new-age products with innovative mechanisms and genuine trading policies.
  • We always respond to customers instantly and clear their doubts with bona fide information.