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fanco O-Ring

O-rings requirement is extreme for sealing purposes of two different components of machines. The functionality will decrease the equipment or gadget if the O-ring replacement is not done in an appropriate process. We provide high-end O-rings at cost-effective prices. The products have technical properties like abrasion, tear, ozone, and electrical resistant power. Our O-rings are available in different sizes with quality-containing functional specifications.


  • We are one of the reputed and trustworthy companies that provide ultra-functional O-rings in different sizes.
  • Our products come with extreme functionality attributes.
  • Most of the O-ring seals have ultra-powerful tensile and strength.
  • We provide years-long running capacity-containing O-rings.
  • Our O-rings make the machines smoother to run for years without any disturbance.
  • Our products are at the doorsteps on time without any delay.
  • The new-age machine-compatible solidity-adapted products are proper in number and size.

Tractor Parts

Numerous technical parts from small, medium, and vast need to be assembled for the ultimate functionalities of tractors. Spare parts, accessories, trolley parts, tractor pins, hitch pins, and many other pieces together make a tractor perform outstandingly for upcoming years. We provide all types of products with accurate size, as per the needs of different tractors. Contact us for availing of the best-quality tractor parts that suit your vehicle and make it a swift and secure fleet.


  • We are the company that brings all types of tractor parts, especially the small-sized functional equipment.
  • We trade products that are available in every size with different hardness range and standard shapes.
  • Our high-end technology-adapted tractor parts work effortlessly years-long without any damages.
  • We always deliver the items on time, keeping the quality intact and also maintaining the quantity appropriate.
Fanco tractor parts

Rotavator Parts

Fanco rotavators

Oil filter cover, nuts and bolts, blade bolts, rotavator pins, and much more you can buy from us. We trade all types of rotavator items, including variable sizes and shapes. Whatever you need, we are ready to supply you with all the conveniences. Paint coated gearbox housing, M12x1.5x35 bolts, rotavator spares, 1210 CROSS FITTING Yoke set, place the order now.


  • The products come at a reasonable price, yet the functionalities remain uninterrupted for years long.
  • We trade rotavator parts, maintaining world-class features and standards that perform the best.
  • Multi-speed blades, Model Virat+230 rotavator, 6-feet blade spares-merchandising are our specialties for absolute performance.

Harvester Combine Parts

Many small parts assemble and make the combined part for the harvester. You can get all types of combined pieces for harvester from us. Various sizes and shapes of products selling are our part of the business. Whether you need a small amount or a large quantity, just connect with us and avail the products. Ball joint, bearing with a pin, came plate, wooden bearing, chain lock, clutch carbon, clutch plate, feeder jacket kits, wheel cylinder kits. And more other items we deal with for our wide-extended clients.


  • Various kinds of clutch, bearings, bearing holders, and other items we sell nationwide within a reasonable budget.
  • We sell hi-tech and much-effective dust collectors that make the harvester work with efficiency without any issue.
  • Advanced automated V Belt 22x5700, coupling, gear shaft, bracket, clamp, we deliver to clients at the lowest price.
Fanco Combined Harvestor

Gearbox oil seals

Fanco Gearbox oil seals

Our expertise in producing gearbox oil seals is well-known across the country. Whatever you need for stopping oil leakage, you can get it from us. Liner O-rings, Micro O-rings, and other fluid sealing items are available at a pocket-friendly price. We always focus on the technical specifications of each oil sealing item. Our products come with ultra-standard raw materials, which make oil seals long-lasting and functional for years.


  • We prefer advanced technology-adapted materials like TPU, Viton, NBR, Silicone for manufacturing high-end oil seals.
  • Our quality products come with extended service life, extreme tensile strength, and effortless working attributes.
  • We provide oil seals across the country in bulk amounts, and in short quantity, as per orders.

Hydraulic & pneumatic seals

Get long-lasting jack seals, pump seal kits, master cylinder kits. And many other products that make machines durable and power-packed performers. We are the brand that brings pocket-friendly products. Yet each item works immensely without any disturbance for the years long. Quality-containing sealing components are our identity. Integral PTFE and elastomer rings, tri-seals, poly-seals take the responsibility to make the machine extremely functional.


  • We provide friendlier support to our clients and deliver goods without any delay.
  • We trade customized products according to the requirements and orders of our customers.
  • Piston, flange packings, rod seals, u-cups, Vee, and other top-quality seals you can receive from us.
Fanco Hydraulic and pneumatic seals